About Us
Upper Crust Pizza was originally founded in Marathon in 1980. Throughout the years Upper Crust Pizza has consistently provided outstanding food quality combined with excellent customer service, which has been recognized through multiple awards and commendations.
In October 2006 we moved to our new location at 37th street. The relocation process took over two years from concept to completion but it was worth the effort. Our new location is pleasant, welcoming, spacious, and most important, in full compliance with all the codes and regulations applicable to a food service establishment.
We are not associated to any franchise or chain of restaurants. This is an independent, family-owned and operated business and this is our only location in the Florida Keys.
We are not a fast food restaurant either. We make the main ingredients of our dishes daily from scratch, on the premises, and we carefully prepare all our menu items to order. These practices contribute to the consistent quality and freshness of our products.
The ambiance, the unsurpassed cleanliness, the attention to detail, the personal attention of the owners, and the quality of the food are conducive to a fine dining experience.
3740 Overseas Highway  .  Marathon, FL 33050  .  MM 49 Bayside